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wSaturday, March 30, 2002

ANDREW AND ME: Enter Stage Right's Barton Wong (no fixed links but scroll down until you come to the heading "BUT JUST IN CASE YOU EITHER DON'T HAVE A FAMILY, OR ELSE, DON'T LIKE THEM") writes of my recent output:

"With his commonsensical, yet no nonsense and even-handed attacks on prominent figures both left and right, his ability to [be] published on websites both liberal and conservative, and his dislike of pretension, I would say that the young Jeremy Lott (he is still in Bible college!) is turning into the, um, Andrew Sullivan of his generation."

Now that is just not a fair comparison! I mean, sure, Andrew and yours truly share a few tiny things in common: we're published in both conservative and liberal outlets; we're pro-Israel; we want a smaller, cheaper, less punitive government; we have our feet in the politics of two countries (America and the UK; America and Canada); we're sort of Catholic; we don't mind rushing sacred cows with daggers drawn; and we're both… really, really happy. Is that, I ask you, any reason to label me the Andrew Sullivan of the next generation?

posted by Jeremy at 5:53 PM