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wWednesday, March 27, 2002

BAD BUSH, BAD!: Well after a stellar performance last year, the prez has gotten this year off to a lousy start. He has imposed tariffs on foreign steel and foreign lumber, thus jacking up the price of cars and housing for all of us peons out here. That may not, technically, count as a breach of his promise not to raise taxes but it has the same effect.

Bush has also interposed the U.S. into the Israel-Palestine peace conflict. That is not smart on a number of levels. First, it pisses off his own base - American conservatives, for the most part, are instinctively pro-Israel. Second, it puts a technical peace - in other words, a non-peace - ahead of an actual cessation of violence. Third, when the talks fail - and I'd bet a lot of money that they will fail -, Arafat and Sharon, for domestic purposes, may both have found their scapegoat.

Finally, my own bitter objection: campaign finance "reform." With approval ratings as high as George W. Bush's, you'd think he could afford to mount a principled stand on behalf of free speech - especially since his own party would benefit from it - and veto the sucker. But, rejoins the great Wallace Shawn, "Do my ears deceive me or did the word 'think' just escape from your lips?!?"

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