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wTuesday, March 05, 2002

BEATING A DEAD HORSE SILLY: I'll have to try to keep this topic from becoming a Norm MacDonald-like obsession ("which again goes to prove my theory that Germans love David Hasselhoff") but this cover story from the current Report (with the irresistible title "A self-hating nation") buttresses a prediction that I made a while back. After September 11, the folding of Canada into the U.S. has become a matter of when, not if, says the Jeremy Lott crystal ball. According to the story a poll released last June - as in before the whole trade center fiasco - showed that 45 percent of Canadians "think it highly likely Canada will become part of a North American Union within 10 years." Kevin Michael Grace does a pretty good showing how compliant Canadian officials are either cheering on the U.S. or quietly, but grumblingly, acquiescing to all of Uncle Sam's demands.

posted by Jeremy at 6:51 PM