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wTuesday, March 19, 2002

BLOGGER NOTES: Apologies to those these last few weeks who had to put up with my screwing with the format. I was going to have posts archived weekly and thus display seven days at a time on the front page. Only one problem: The archiving mechanism on Blogger is not as precise an instrument as I had hoped. It "lost" four days, not by deleting them but by making it almost impossible for anybody but me to access them. To "recover" those posts, I changed the settings to display two weeks at a time up front, which, of course made for monster loading times, even on my computer.

The new compromise, which I will stick with for the time being, is to set Blogger to archive by month and to display eight days worth of posts on the front page. It will be a bit more inconvenient to search for past posts but it will be searchable (and I'll eventually look into a search engine). If Blogger can keep the monthly archive from screwing up and if I can keep from spewing forth too many posts, what we should end up with is a better, more functional website.

So why do I hear the voice of Mrs. Murphy cackling?

posted by Jeremy at 11:20 AM