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wTuesday, March 05, 2002

GAY RIGHT WING OPRAH: At 15 percent, Andrew Sullivan’s got himself a pretty sweet deal with his new book club. Far be it from me to condemn profiteering but he picked the wrong book for next month’s offering. Rather than going for something gossipy and Bush centric (and already dissected by Andrew Ferguson), Sullivan should have elevated a book by a little known author, published by an obscure Seattle press (Discovery Institute Press).

The author is Philip Gold, who, in a pair of columns last year in Washington Law & Politics called September 11 with a beguiling clairvoyance. The first column ended thus:

"Now Jihadistan may not pose a mortal danger by the standards of the Axis or the old Soviet Union. But it would be a grievous mistake to believe that it poses no danger at all ... or that trials and treaties, press releases, self-righteous rhetoric and an occasional symbolic retaliation can deter them, protect us or keep Jihadistan from sparking something far larger and far worse."

And the second:

"And as we fill the body bags, what next?"

This, I remind, was before the U.S. had taken a single casualty. Gold's stunned editors prefaced his next column by saying that he had "accurately described the nature of Jihadistan, predicted the advent of mass terror on American soil, and proposed a set of solutions, many of (which are already underway)." And what did the media do with Seattle's Nostradamus? For the most part, they ignored him.

The chance may have come to set that right. I received in the mail today a copy of Against All Terrors: This People's Next Defense, Gold's take on what needs to be done in the next decade to combat "terrah," as the prez puts it. Give it a read and you may find yourselves light-years ahead of the curve.

posted by Jeremy at 3:08 AM