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wSaturday, March 02, 2002

GRAHAM APOLOGIZES: Sort of. According to this story, the Rev's public relations firm released a statement which a) denied any memory of said conversation and b) apologized anyway. Something about "advanc[ing] understanding and mutual respect between our communities." Blah blah blah.

Released by his public relations firm?! Doesn't this rise to the level of one of those, oh, I dunno, stand-in-front-of-the-flashbulbs-and-brave-questions sort of offences?

Then again, a trusted advisor asked me recently what would be the result if all of my private conversations were broadcast to the world. That (gulp!) is a very sobering thought. Maybe we - that is, members in good standing of the vicious if-it-bleeds-it-leads press - should give the guy a break. He's a frail old man who's done a lot of good in his time and who has now been caught - 30 years ago - having said a very stupid, wicked thing.

Sadly, I doubt that'll be the case. I can hear the long knives being sharpened as we speak; in fact I had to fight off the impulse to draw my own dagger. But pretty soon we won't have Billy Graham to kick around anymore and then we'll have to live with ourselves.

posted by Jeremy at 3:40 PM