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wMonday, March 11, 2002

I'M LIKE, FER SURE: Spent part of the weekend doing that least favorite of journalistic activities: transcribing. It was made worse by the fact that the interview was with three late teen to early twentysomething girls whose vocabularies were chock-a-block with likes and anywayses and other grammatical imprecisions. You simply have to clean that up in its printed form, unless you want to embarrass them.

(And, seeing as how my recorded comments come off as less than precise, I’d rather not chuck rocks into that particular greenhouse.)

Problem: How do you render “I’m like” or “I was like”? Does she mean “I said” or “I thought” or “I asked” or what? Context is only occasionally helpful. I’ve no expertise in this area but I wonder if common language was always this sloppy or if we’ve degenerated.

posted by Jeremy at 12:13 PM