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wSaturday, March 02, 2002

IN THE BAGGE: I suppose I should add a spoiler warning here, though the cover pretty much gives it away. I'm reviewing the sixth, and final, volume of the collections of the Hate comic book for The Stranger (check out my last Stranger review here). It has a particularly moving ending that I thought I should pass along. Buddy Bradley's on again off again girlfriend Lisa approaches him and informs Buddy, with some dread, that she's pregnant again:

Buddy: Well, we've been in this situation before, right? I mean, what's one more abortion, right? I'll gladly pay for it and... Lisa?

Lisa: I can't Buddy! I can't do it this time!

Buddy: ?!? Ya can't what? I don't -

Lisa: I've had too many abortions already, Buddy! What if I can never get pregnant again? What if -

Buddy: Whoa, wait a minute. Are you telling me you're going to have this baby?

Lisa: ...Yes >sniff<

Buddy: And then what? Raise it at your parents' house? Go on wellfare?

Lisa: Yes... or put it up for adoption... I haven't decided yet. >honk<


Interesting that Buddy swings from "what's one more abortion?" to "not with my kid" in less than a full page, and yet it feels true. It's a completely believable, subtle, wonderful scene, told without moralizing that most pro-lifers (of whom I am one) would have been tempted to inject into it.

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