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wSaturday, March 30, 2002

I'VE GOT MAIL, GROAN: Unlike some writers, I do not... love to receive letters from readers. The “nuke Mecca” incident, with about 1,000 angry Muslim e-mails, highlighted this fact in the starkest possible terms.

Don't misunderstand: It's great to hear from you people, but there is often the expectation that I will 1) answer questions; 2) defend theses; or 3) engage in running correspondence. I occasionally get around to the first, the second is almost always a waste of time and I rarely have any interest in the third. Plus, I’m not… always the most polite respondent.

So please don’t take no response as an insult. Think, rather, that I cared enough not to swear at you. And if you really, really need an answer to a burning question… keep bugging me.

posted by Jeremy at 3:35 PM