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wSaturday, March 30, 2002

LETTER: That said, in response to that Christianity Today review of two wacky Christian novels, a reader from Trinity Western University writes:

"You closed your CT novel review with, 'My primary concern is that some readers will take the ideas expressed in Nephilim as seriously as the author appears to take them. That would be a waste of a good novel.'

"You don't realize how right you are. Nephilim author Lynn Marzulli literally does believe the ideas in his novel. You can go to his website and find out for yourself. I corresponded with him for a little while but he just wouldn't see reason. He actually believes the Nephilim were demonically designed aliens, that they're coming back, and that the world needs to be warned about it. Sheesh."

I thought that Marzulli took it all a bit seriously but, until visiting his website, I had no idea. My review must have left him spitting nails.

posted by Jeremy at 3:53 PM