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wWednesday, March 13, 2002

ONE THING I WONDER: Why didn't National Review just pull the posts after my article ran? Because of a glitch, it was up for most of a day before the TAP article was made to point in the appropriate direction. It was only after it was fixed that the Council on American Islamic Relations issued their fatwa (yeah, I know I'm wildly misusing that term but it's one of those days), which led to the deluge of angry Muslim e-mails.

If NR had yanked it, I'm not exactly sure what would have happened. But CAIR might not have sounded the alarms and even if they did a) it would have had a much-diminished effect and b) Lowry and company could've simply refused to comment, letting the deletion serve as a de facto apology. That would have robbed those sails of wind in a hurry.

posted by Jeremy at 1:04 PM