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wWednesday, March 20, 2002


"Dear Sir or Madam:

"If you are writing to protest a National Review article that advocates nuking Mecca, I want to make this clear: There is no such article, never has been. I do not favor bombing Mecca. A group called CAIR has grossly distorted what I wrote in a March 7 online forum -- most of which was meant to be sarcastic -- to suggest that I'm an advocate of bombing Islam's holiest site. Of course, Mecca would never be a valid target. Which is why I wrote these two sentences that CAIR and others have never seen fit to quote: "How would the U.S. respond if al Qaeda succeeded in detonating a nuke in a major American city? This is the disturbing thing: I'm not really sure what we could do any differently from what we're doing now."

"Thanks for writing.

"Rich Lowry"

posted by Jeremy at 11:03 AM