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wWednesday, March 27, 2002

THAT'S NOT FUNNY!: I haven't paid much attention to Carol Iannone in the past but this will change after her wonderful send up of liberal Catholic James Carroll in the current New York Press. Iannone read about Carroll's "alternative [Gospel] account, in which the Gospel narratives...are replaced by something more this-worldly and emptied of the supernatural" and thought "what a keen idea!" She decided to give it a whack herownself.

Like, for instance, that story about Jesus feeding the 5000 with a few loaves and fish. "My friends and I," says Iannone, "had a picnic one Fourth of July, and even those who were not expected to bring food had done so. As a result, we had a great abundance and we felt really blessed and happy, and had a lot left over, too. I am certain that something like this is what really happened that day in Galilee."

Other emptied events include "Jesus Turns the Water into Wine" (a waiter once did that gratis), "Jesus Walks on the Water" (Jesus Christ Pro Surfer) and "Jesus Takes Three of His Disciples Up to A Mountain and Is Transfigured Before Them, His Face Shining as the Sun and His Raiment as White as the Light" (a canny early knowledge of fabric detergents).

She concludes: "I am so grateful to James Carroll for helping me to see that Jesus did not bring anything into the world that I could not have experienced on my own. In fact, now I’m wondering why a gospel hasn’t been written about me and my life."

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