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wMonday, March 04, 2002

THAT’S NOT FUNNY!: Pardon a poor hayseed American boy for wondering if the last line of this John O’Sullivan column isn’t just dripping with that famous British irony. The context would seem to contradict this conclusion but, well, you be the judge. O'Sullivan avers that defrocked pedophile priest John Geoghan "can only hope to find in prison the stern but loving Christ whom he evaded all too easily in the Boston Archdiocese."

Um - how to put this? - no. If he's lucky Geoghan can hope to find his way into the stern but loving hands of a guy named Bubba. More likely he and his fellow (alleged) child molester priests are on their knees saying many a rosary hoping for solitary confinement. Prisoners are startlingly intolerant of child molesters, the starched collars notwithstanding.

posted by Jeremy at 1:00 PM