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wMonday, March 18, 2002

THEY CAIR: In an item on The Corner yesterday ("Peace Loving Muslim Update"; sorry, but I can't get a fix on the individual link) Rod Dreher denounced the grenade attack on a Protestant church in Pakistan on Sunday, which killed five people and injured 45 others.

Dreher was right to decry this barbarity. Those who attack peaceful churchgoers lower themselves to the level of beasts and need to be found and put down. But then, in light of, ahem, recent events, Dreher added the following dig: "We await [the Council on American Islamic Relations]'s e-mail campaign denouncing this violence."

These things are, of course, fungible, and I'd love to be wrong on this one. But Dreher's post is time-stamped 6:47 PM.

And it would have been a great dig too, except that, at 10:37 AM - as in "that morning" (though I didn't receive it until 3 PM, my time) - CAIR had sent out a statement denouncing the attacks. Specifically, Chairman Omar Ahmad wrote,

"We condemn this attack in the strongest terms possible and call for the apprehension of the perpetrators. It is not only an act of terrorism against innocent civilians, but is also an assault on the sanctity of a house of worship. No political or religious cause could justify such horrifying violence."

This was sent out to all the people on CAIR's e-mail list. If it fell short of a denunciation of the violence, I'm not sure what would qualify.

Look, it was Sunday, at the end of a long tense week in which a whole bunch of Muslims had written him angry e-mails and many of his co-religionists (Dreher’s Catholic but he’s pretty ecumenical) had just been attacked by grenade. I’m not accusing Dreher of dishonesty, I simply think that he should add a new post to The Corner that quotes CAIR’s denunciation of said attacks.

posted by Jeremy at 11:31 AM