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wMonday, March 04, 2002

VOUCH FOR IT?: The voucher case before the Supreme Court (Zelman vs. Simmons-Harris) should be a slam dunk. Legally, that is. If attaching money to children to pay for a religious education (or a secular one) is unconstitutional, then so is the G.I. Bill. There's always the chance that the Supremes won't see it that way, but then they have always been arbitrary and capricious deities.

The more interesting question is whether vouchers, in the long run, will be good for private education. With the expanded role of states (with the feds to follow shortly) in funding private schools, strings are inevitable and could easily become a noose. Discipline, textbooks and even the religious content of the teaching (can't have any "hate," however amorphously defined) will come under increasing government scrutiny.

Noting this John Rauch cheekily called vouchers "a liberal plot to destroy private schools" and asked some wealthy billionaire benefactor to step up and use his own dough to liberate poor children from bad schools by personally bankrolling their exodus.

Maybe a group of like-minded people should take out an ad in some upscale newspapers: WANTED: A philanthropic Moses.

posted by Jeremy at 9:35 AM