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wThursday, March 14, 2002

WE'RE NUMBER THREE!: Went to the dean's list presentation today and was shocked - shocked! - to learn that I had the third highest grade point average for last semester. I know this because they recognized the top four students in ascending order. Thank God I wasn't number four or I would have spilled my punch in my lap.

On their face, at least, the statistics given out at the presentation help to reassure one about the recent speculations about grade inflation at Trinity Western University. Just over 300 students made the list, with the minimum score of 3.6 (out of a possible 4.3 - it's a Canadian thing). This is in a school of about 3,000 students. So only 10 percent of the students managed a collective score of just below A - (3.7) or above. There may, of course, be a proliferation of B's, but it's nice to know that, at TWU, an A is still an A.

posted by Jeremy at 11:53 PM