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wFriday, March 08, 2002

WHY I AM NOT A WARMONGER: Writing about retaliatory strikes in the case of nuclear detonation on American soil, National Review's Rich Lowry says - and I am not making this up - that there's "lots of sentiment for nuking Mecca." He allows that "Mecca seems extreme, of course" - of course - "but then again few people would die and it would send a signal" (posts here and here).

That's the Mecca he's talking about. The holy city toward which Muslims direct their prayers. The place that all good Muslims have a religious obligation to make a pilgrimage to at least once in their lives. The Islamic equivalent of Jerusalem for the Jews - only more so.

I carry no water for the Islamic faith but Lowry's jingoism is so patently insane - so warmongeringly inept; so unredeemably, vilely, rancidly stupid - that somebody has to beat the boy about the ears with fish.

On second thought, let's nuke Mecca. Let's radiate those religious pilgrims and make future trips perilous to impossible. Let's tell the Islamic world that it was only tit for tat; an eye for an eye. They’ll understand. And then let's ready ourselves, our children and our institutions for the coming onslaught in a religious war that won't cease until Kingdom Come.

posted by Jeremy at 3:07 PM