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wSunday, April 28, 2002

LABELS GAME: While working on a piece for The American Prowler on the recent summit at the Vatican, I noticed the following sin of omission in the coverage by America's real newspaper of record, USA Today: Several times when Richard John Neuhaus or his journal First Things were mentioned, the label "conservative" was affixed. This was fine except that when rival publication America or Notre Dame's Richard McBrien were quoted, the label "liberal" was not employed. America is the mouthpiece of the American Jesuits, who aren't exactly known for rigorous orthodoxy; McBrien is an avowed liberal who wants the Church to go the Protestant Lite route. If we were to place this on a spectrum, America and McBrien would be much more "liberal" than Neuhaus is "conservative."

I don't want to get into the labels game on a regular basis because, among other things, it bores me. But it is also true that how we label people affects the outcome of a debate (remember the constant Democrat mantra in 1995-1996 that Republicans wanted to destroy "Medicare, Medicaid, Education and the Environment"?), so I thought it worth pointing out this once.

posted by Jeremy at 1:22 PM