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wWednesday, April 24, 2002

LENIN REDIVIVUS: The latest anonymous Reason "Who Am I?" column - I'm guessing the author was Jesse Walker but there are a few Gillespian touches - takes a few shots at Mother Jones magazine for using the old tyrant to sell bowling shirts.

Um, Roger, Jay, are you sure you want to use a guy who said the following to hawk bowling shirts?

"We have now before us our final decisive battle 'with the kulaks.' We need to set an example. 1) You need to hang (hang without fail, so that the public sees) at least 100 notorious kulaks, the rich, and the bloodsuckers. 2) Publish their names. 3) Take away all of their grain....This needs to be accomplished in such a way, that people for hundreds of miles around will see, tremble, know and scream out: let's choke and strangle those blood-sucking kulaks."

posted by Jeremy at 12:37 AM