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wThursday, April 11, 2002

LINE IN THE SAND: Poor Philip Jenkins - and I say that without the slightest hint of sarcasm, irony, innuendo or what have you - is having to defend himself against charges of pedophilia, or at least crypto-pedophilia.

His crime? The Pennsylvania State U prof, who is an expert on clergy sex scandals, and a very careful scholar, explained the positions of organizations such as the North American Man Boy Love Association and quoted their literature in previous books... on sex scandals and pedophilia. A professor from McGill named Dan Cere appears to have very selectively quoted his books to ascribe to Jenkins positions that he never, in fact, indorsed - or even flirted with - to make Jenkins appear some kind of amoral maniac. The end of Jenkins uncharacteristically emotive reply is worth quoting in full:

"If he believes I am a pedophile, a crypto-pedophile, an advocate of pedophilia, or a pedophile fellow traveler, let him say so, so that I can seek whatever remedies are available to me. Otherwise, he should immediately withdraw this vicious tract that bears his name. Let him pick one."

posted by Jeremy at 2:15 PM