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wThursday, April 18, 2002

MY LATEST AMERICAN PROSPECT ESSAY: Is up. It's about MSNBC's decision to hire Phil Donahue to run opposite Bill O'Reilly.

Fun story on this one: TAP Online Editor Chris Mooney rejiggered the piece a bit and added the following final sentence: "MSNBC may be attempting a true rarity in this media age: letting a thousand flowers bloom."

I sent a note to Mooney approving the changes (this is a much better piece than the one I turned in) and admitting that "I love how you have me quoting Chairman Mao at the end." I've used a variation on that theme in the past ("let a million stinkweeds bloom") but I never would have thought to cap the piece with such an inspired, ironic quotation.

posted by Jeremy at 10:45 AM