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wMonday, April 01, 2002

OLD JOKE, EXPLAINED: A few readers have inquired about that "really, really happy" line in an earlier post about comparisons of me to Andrew Sullivan. Specifically, am I outing myself? No. It's an old joke that goes back a few websites, so I should explain.

Last school year, I worked on the staff of the student paper at Trinity Western University, editing the Faculties and Letters pages. During the course of said year, a fracas erupted between some of what I would characterize as the pro-choice elements of the paper and TWU's pro-life club. I won't re-hash all of the sordid details here - at least, not tonight - but, as a ranking editor and the controller of the letters section, I waged a pitched half year long battle to make sure that the pro-life voices could be heard, winning myself very few friends on the paper in the process.

For this effort, the pro-life group awarded me the "Pro-Life Friend of the Year Award" for my "discreet editing" and "courageous 'coming out,'" for speaking up on their, and life's, behalf. I explained this to readers of a long ago web post by saying that I'm "not gay, just really, really happy."

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