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wMonday, April 22, 2002

TAP'ED OUT: Enter Stage Right's W. James Antle III emailed me over the weekend to point out that I claimed to be working on an essay for "The American Partisan Online," which is... somewhat axiomatic: "[A]s a former editor, you know The American Partisan is exclusively on-line."

He generously allowed that "[t]his is understandable, since you have written for a lot of TAPs."

True enough. A guide for new readers:

The American Prowler is a) exclusively online, b) right wing, c) edited by Wlady Pleszczynski and d) the reincarnation of the old American Spectator website, since George Gilder decided to purchase the old print magazine and website and run them into the ground (though, technically, neither are dead yet). I wrote for the old Spectator website in its waning days and have continued to write for the Prowler on such diverse topics as Amazon.com and Catholicism. My name has just been added to the masthead as a "contributor."

The American Prospect is a) available on dead tree or online (but so far I've only written for the online version), b) left wing and c) edited by Chris Mooney (the online version). My work for the Prospect so far can loosely be grouped under the genre "media criticism." Personalities examined include National Review's Rich Lowry, former National Post columnist David Frum and Phil Donahue.

The American Partisan is a website that I created, co-founded and served as the managing editor of in the fall of 1999. I edited its original 20 odd columnists from my dorm room for several months and became the de facto PR guy - getting links from such venues as Arts & Letters Daily (which went so far as to add the Partisan to the list of permalinks) - before moving on to work for WorldNetDaily, Inc., in early 2000. The Partisan's shell still exists, under new management, but - and this may be the sour grapes acting up - I no longer find it interesting.

So there you have it.

posted by Jeremy at 3:34 AM