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wSaturday, May 04, 2002

MAPLE LEAF LETTERS: I'm not going to respond to substantive criticisms of my Reason Canada piece until some time has passed, because I'd like to knock them down with one well-placed shot (inflating head alert! Hulk smash! Hulk smash!) but I have received a few good letters that are worth quoting.

Spintech contributor Douglas Newman explains that "I hate to nitpick, but you neglected to mention one thing which would have totally made your point: Canada's most distinguished citizen, Wayne Gretzky, moved south, too."

And speaking of moving South, Alan Wall has this to say about the joining of the U.S. and Canada:

"I had little contact with Canadians until I moved here to Mexico. (Ironic, isn't it?) But here, I have taught with Canadians and even roomed with a few. And you know what? Mexicans can't tell us apart.

"To Mexicans, both Americans and Canadians are 'gringos.' That might tick off come Canadians, but it's a fact. I had a National Guard officer (whose mother was Canadian) put it this way: 'Canada has no history. It's an appendage of the United States.'"

Finally, and belatedly, Reason editor Brian Doherty sent me a link to this semi-inspired anti-Canadian Suck rant and explained that, back in the day, it generated something like 200 angry e-mails.

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