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wWednesday, May 08, 2002

THAT'S NOT FUNNY!: Two items today.

The first is a the cheeky USA Today cover headline about the next Rolling Stones tour: "Start them up - again." Maybe it's John Strausbaugh's influence, but I couldn't read that without getting a mental image of a couple of paramedics standing over Mick's chest, rubbing two panels from a defibrillator together and yelling, "Clear!"

Story number two is a story from the January issue of Outside Magazine with the faux risqué title "Pope on a Rope Tow." It's about John Paul II's past skiing habits. A sample paragraph:

"[R]ight now I'm more interested in the two pairs of skis leaning in the corner. One's an old hickory set with spring bindings and pointy tips, the kind you see hanging over bars in ski towns. The others, retired more recently, are 195-centimeter Head Pros with Tyrolia bindings. I can't help myself—I have to touch them. The undersides are grooved with deep cuts and scratches. The skis don't quite qualify as sacred relics, but they do serve notice that when he got away from it all, up in the mountains, Father Wojtyla wasn't just sticking to the corduroy and cruising the green runs, like Gerald Ford at Beaver Creek. No—he skied over rocks! He was out there, off-piste. The man who became pope in 1978 might, in fact, have been a badass."

posted by Jeremy at 5:11 PM