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wWednesday, May 08, 2002

THIN, WHAT'S THAT?: Posting will be sparse(ish) this week because I have way too many pieces in the oven. How many? you ask. Well here's a list of those articles that I've committed to (as in, it's going to happen - unless I get lazy or the piece gets spiked) and this isn't counting pieces already completed but not yet published (in the que): two pieces for one TAP; one - a blockbuster - for the other one; a review for Reason; a review for the Weekly Standard (if Jody ever gets around to having the book sent - hint, hint); an article for a theological journal; a magazine review for Chronicles; a profile for the Stranger; two pieces for the National Post; two book reviews for Christianity Today; two review essays for Books & Culture; and a piece for National Review Online.

OK, I was kidding about the last one, but all the rest are real.

Did I mention that I'm moving to L.A. on the 20th and I'd like to have most of this finished by then?

posted by Jeremy at 7:29 PM