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wSunday, May 05, 2002

VIOLENT PAPIST: In honor of the Catholic sex scandal crisis, I link to a very early article that was inspired by a survery in a French newspaper on whether or not, I kid you not, the pope should resign. An excerpt:

"The query 'Do Muslims support the Ayatollah?' would seem to fall into the same category as 'Is the Pope Catholic?' -- a rhetorical question. But not if the French have anything to say about it. ...

"The real problem with polls is that they give off the false impression that everything is negotiable: That what matters is not what is, but what we think about it.

"I've yet to see a poll on the percentage of the people who would like to revoke gravity or at least 'moderate' it. Neither have I seen a poll with the question, 'Would you like to cheat death?' But, and I ask this seriously, can either of these be far behind?"

posted by Jeremy at 8:42 PM