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wTuesday, January 21, 2003

COTTS CHRONOLOGY FOUL UP: Cynthia Cotts' latest piece on Reason in the current issue of the Village Voice is entertaining and gets a few things right. But the chronology is all wrong. Her thesis: Tim Cavanaugh has tansformed (or "Suckified") Reason Online, which has led to more web traffic.

Cavanaugh has changed quite a few things at Reason Online: the headlines are a bit punchier; there are more pictures on the front page; letters in reaction to online articles are occasionally published; he started Reason's blog Hit & Run. All of this may even add up to a transformation. However, Cavanaugh did not, as Cotts (herself a former Reason contributer) suggests, "br[ing] over" Brian Doherty, Peter Bagge, Chris Bray, Ana Marie Cox, Chris Lehmann and Hans Eisenbeis." If anybody "brought them over" it was Nick Gillespie. All of their initial work for the magazine predated Cavanaugh's hire--Doherty by over half a decade. Further, Reason Online was already quite concerned with popular culture before Cavanaugh came on board (to wit).

(Note: None of this should be understood to imply that Cavanaugh hasn't done a hell of a job thus far. Even if he is a liberal.)

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