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wWednesday, January 29, 2003

JESUS SELLS: Yes, ladies and gents, my epic article on the Christian culture industry is live on Reason Online today. Read it, pass it on, write angry letters to the editor, and please, please, publicly burn copies of it. I could use the publicity. Excerpt:

"When I joined the CBA attendees in Anaheim last summer, row upon row of mostly white men and women dressed in their Sunday best were filing into one of the big conference rooms. CBA President Bill Anderson welcomed us; those present, he said, represented some 50 states and 60 nations. Then he got down to business, as it were.

"What followed had all the trappings of a religious service -- songs, testimonies, a sermon. Technically, it was a religious service. But it was overtly commercialized to a greater extent than any religious gathering I had ever observed (and as the son of a Baptist minister, I’ve seen a lot of them). The printed programs, for example, were underwritten by the publisher of Pastor Lee Strobel -- he’d preached the sermon -- and featured an ad for his many books. The singers at the service were in town to promote their latest CDs to retailers.

"If the participants felt any shame about the nakedly commercial nature of the event, they did a good job of hiding it. In his invocation prayer, Anderson addressed God on behalf of "a group of colleagues working together under Your Lordship." Strobel, between jokes and stories about his days as an "atheistic reporter" in Chicago, commended the retailers for doing the Lord’s work and assured them that "we’ve got the truth," thus giving them "an unfair advantage in the marketplace of ideas." [more]

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