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wMonday, January 13, 2003

THE NEWS OF MY DEATH...: I returned last week exhausted from a bad cold, several weeks of travel and a major meeting at Report headquarters, in Edmonton. Consequently, I decided to veg for a few days to recover my health and sanity. I bought the first three seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer on DVD and watched the first two (my kid brother, who was also out sick from school for a few days, also watched most of it with me). I wasn't completely lazy (I finished a big piece for The American Conservative and worked on some Report pieces for the next issue) but it was about as close to a vacation as I've gotten in a long time. Yes, my week with Kevin Michael "I just stood there" Grace was entertaining. Regular readers of this page may be familiar with what he had to say about the subject but his daughter's comments are worth reproducing here, in full:

"And so now my dad's friend is over except that he's allergic to cats and we have like 6 cats so he has to stay upstairs and so we have to keep the cats all downstairs and keep the door always shut so no kitties go up there. So his name is Jeremy Lott and he's really friendly and he always says hi and cool stuff like that."

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