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wThursday, January 30, 2003

OH I AM AN IDIOT…SAVANT: Heh, last night Tim Cavanaugh told me that my Jesus Sells piece had been posted on Reason Online. I quickly blogged it (see below) and sent out a bunch of links to friends and colleagues. Slight problem, however. Through a set of circumstances that I'd rather not go into, the first several e-mails had the wrong URL. I found this out when WorldNetDaily.com posted a link to the the wrong article (from my perspective that is; I'm glad Tom Ambrose liked it).

The accidentally-linked-to article was an argument piece from March of last year titled "Burning Sensations: How would-be censors promote free speech." It argued that the legal framework and civic habits of the U.S. make most attempts at censorship all but impossible. Zeroing in on a New Mexico congregation's burning of Harry Potter, and the public outcry that met it, I argued that, well, that book burning promotes free speech. (It does so by drawing more attention to the contraband material.)

Consequently, I've been getting e-mails all day on an article that I wrote early last year. My friend Chris Mooney linked to it under the blush-inducing title, "The Best Counter-Intuitive Argument Ever." The angry anti-Harry Potter Brigade has taken to writing nasty letters promising my eternal damnation (SOME IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS). In fact, I think the reactions this time around have eclipsed last year's batch both in quantity and in vitriol.

posted by Jeremy at 11:32 PM