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wFriday, January 17, 2003

WHAT I WANTED TO DO TODAY: Floss, get a haircut, get into the third season of Buffy, have a great dinner with a friend.

WHAT I ENDED UP DOING TODAY: Madly thrashing about to try to get some response--any response--out of Google, Inc., for a past due story; leaving multiple e-mails and phone calls; giving up on them; writing most of the story; getting a call back promising an e-mail just as I was finishing; waiting hours for said e-mail; deciding that said e-mail wasn't coming and setting back to work on the story; getting the delayed e-mail just as I was finished; tearing the story apart to insert the Google quotes; dashing out the door and driving like a bat out of hell to try to get to dinner on time; getting there 24 minutes late and hearing my friend say "This is my not impressed face."

Thanks for asking.

posted by Jeremy at 1:34 AM