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wTuesday, February 11, 2003

BEST BLOG EVER: Ladies and gents, Rebecca Grace:

"So I'm reading this book, from the Sweet Valley High series, called Left At The Alter, and it's so cool. It's about Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefeild, and Jessica is in love with this guy, Jeremy, who's about to get married to this girl, Sue, but then Jeremy decides he's not going to marry her, but then Sue gets this disease that her mom died from, so he decides that he has to marry her. It's kind of sad, but it's also really cool. I only started it yesterday, and I'm already like halfway through the book...

"So I went to Vancouver like last week and it was really cool, because I got to go to Barbaras house and Martha's house and then on Sunday me and Barbara went up to Grenfell, and I saw Salvin, and then I saw Hayden. See, me, Hayden, and Kevin have like known each other since like first grade and we have like always hated each other so me and Hayden were like yelling at each other while Barbara was like sitting far away, and it was just like totally weird. And I seriously should go now, because if I make this too long it won't 'process.' Bye." [more]

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