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wMonday, February 10, 2003

BREAKPOINT: Here's a better link to the transcript of Chuck Colson's Breakpoint commentary today. He mentions my Jesus Sells piece and uses the state of the Christian Culture Industry as a stick to drive home the point that modern evangelicals have little appreciation for beauty. The last paragraph deserves to be quoted in full:

"I spoke recently to the Christian Booksellers Association. It’s an outstanding association that has greatly raised the professional standards of the publishing industry and booksellers. And I’m optimistic that we are going to make a real effort to raise the standards of what it is we offer to the world. As Christians we can and should do better than the kind of stuff that makes us all cringe. An indifference to beauty, after all, is as foreign to the Christian worldview as an indifference to truth or to goodness."

Look, far be it from me to argue that we should have less beauty in this world, but one man's Beauty is another man's Beast. I really hope that Colson's attempt to combat indifference doesn't take a censorious turn. REMINDER: Editors, my Jesus Sells article can be purchased from Featurewell.com.

posted by Jeremy at 4:27 PM