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wTuesday, February 25, 2003

CORRECTION: Just got this letter from Chris Caldwell, as a follow up to his last one:

Dear Jeremy,

I heard this evening that you had mentioned Hill of Beans in Jeremiads, and I wanted to thank you for the kind valediction.

To set the record straight, though, Jeff Koyen and the new editors should not be blamed (or praised, as the case may be) for my departure and Mike Signorile's remaining. Stopping the column was my decision, based on a combination of their tight budget and my tight schedule.

I mention this not out of pride (or at least not just out of pride), but to defend Jeff against the implication that he's lopping off his best writers. Jeff, it's true, has less financial leeway than Russ and John and Lisa did, but he's very smart, and old-guard New York Press in the very best sense, and if anyone has a chance of keeping it a happening paper, it's he.


posted by Jeremy at 11:27 PM