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wSaturday, February 01, 2003

CROSSFIRE HURRICANE: I was going to blog about a few things today but, honestly, who cares what I have to say about anything right now? (I certainly don't.) Go read what Colby Cosh has to say about the sad, sad crash of the space shuttle

Much is being made, in the weblog world, of a claim that a CBC Newsworld interviewer questioned aloud whether "American arrogance" had had anything to do with this morning's accident. Disgusting if true, but I for one was almost equally offended by Adrienne Arsenault's repeated claims, on the main CBC network, that this incident will create "political problems" for NASA and enfeeble the American will to explore space. How little she knows about the United States. If history teaches one unambiguous lesson, it is the foolishness of underestimating America. I don't speak of "resolve" or "spirit": these are unsuitable words to denote the blind, guileless, elemental cussedness of an axe clearing a homestead, a pioneer crossing a salt flat in a thirty-cent wagon. For my part, I expect that the "arrogance" which sent the first free men into Earth orbit, and put them on the surface of a heavenly body, will be unblunted by these seven deaths. [more]

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