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wMonday, February 03, 2003

FOR GOD'S SAKE: I like Radley Balko but whenever he strays onto the topic of religion, he has a particular fetish for shoe leather. In response to a (rather lame) poem about God's mysterious ways, along with some stupid speculation about the space shuttle explosion, he opines, "No, I don't think it's entirely fair or accurate to compare Islamic zealots (loopy, dangerous, usually murderous) with Christian zealots (wacky, downright loopy at times, but not usually savage or murderous). But honestly, sometimes the Christian right crowd begs for the comparison." (Yeah, please compare us to the Taliban. No, really, we like being lumped in with misogynists and murderers.)

Balko then proceeds to ridicule Peggy Noonan for writing that she believed Elian Gonzalez's rescue was a product of divine intervention. Then he asks, "But then, why would God let Elian be sent back to Cuba--a remnant of Reagan's Soviet-spawned evil empire--particularly at the behest of she-devil Janet Reno?" The kicker: "HE works in mysterious ways, I guesss."

Look, some people "get" religion; others don't. The thing that pisses me off about so many secularists isn't that they believe what they believe. It's that they look with disdain upon those who believe something different than they do. According to Balko, religion is a very silly idea, espoused by very silly people, who should promptly knock it off and all think like he does. Somehow that doesn't strike me as a very libertarian approach, let alone a tolerant one.

posted by Jeremy at 8:12 PM