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wMonday, February 24, 2003


Jim Henley has some interesting insights on the Daredevil movie (number one at the box office two weeks in a row; take that movie critics!).

Colby Cosh sets down in one long post his thoughts on the "Possibly Upcoming War Of The U.S. And Others Against Iraq." For what it's worth, his thinking on the subject dovetails neatly with my own.

Radley Balko wants you to buy him a computer. He notes that Andrew Sullivan recently managed to raise 80 grand from readers. However, Radley thinks that, given his position vis a vis Sullivan ("I failed at Catholicism, conservatives irk me, and I haven't even experienced so much as a same-sex locker-room towel-snapping incident."), $1,600 is just about right.

Kevin Steel has a new song for your enjoyment. If this journalism thing doesn't work out, he may have something to fall back on.

Kathy Shaidle rebuts charges of a Catholic conspiracy in the Canadian media.

Glenn Reynolds et al are having no end of fun over this four horsemen business. I think one of the things that so infuriates critics of bloggers is that we have a knack for embracing their criticisms (e.g., Andrew Sullivan's "Unfit to print"; Reynolds' "The New York Times of the bloggers").

Brian Doherty sticks up for pyro in rock clubs (er, I think).

Steve Martinovich is very happy about Avril Lavigne's shut out at the Grammy's. It's nothing personal, you understand. He just can't stand "that faux-angst skater garbage she calls music."

And, finally, the latest from Rebecca Grace:

"And then so the Talent Show auditions are coming up like really soon and I've already signed up, and I'm just like totally freaked out, because I'm going to be like singing, and so it's just like totally like oh my god. See, Alistair could probably go in it, but then by the time the actual talent show was on, he totally wouldn't be here, because he's just like going back to Australia at the end of March, and before that they're going to Lake Louise, and then Mexico, and it's just like they like never stay in the same place for more than like, a week, which makes me realize how little of a life I have. I mean, Alistair does Choir, Concert Band, Rugby, and Swimming. And I do Choir. That's it. I mean, what's up with that?"

Good question.

I may not post for a couple of days because of deadlines and because my neck is out of joint and it pretty much hurts to do anything, including think. Such is life.

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