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wMonday, February 10, 2003

JUST SHORT OF LIBEL: Joseph Farah responds to my piece defending WorldNetDaily.com (scroll down to Wlady's hilarious title "GO FINGER") by accusing me of theft, of being narrow, and of being a hack. He modestly labels himself "someone who, quite frankly, has more journalistic experience and integrity in his little finger than you are likely to accumulate in a lifetime."

My response is below his letter--I see no need to repeat it here. But I would like to add that attempting to understand what someone is trying to say is an important component of journalistic integrity, and he shows little sign of that in his letter. Because a few details in the piece upset him, Farah badly misrepresented the content of the column and issued a series of fiery condemnations that stopped just short of libel.

I deserve an apology, in writing. If Farah is man enough to issue such an apology--and I'm not holding my breath--then I'll post it on this website.

posted by Jeremy at 12:26 AM