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wWednesday, February 19, 2003

LINKS AND OTHER REPORTSTERS: First off, Razormouth has reposted a couple of entries, the first of the recent Vatican statement on the New Age thingamabob (I can't believe my spell checker recognized that as a real word), the second on Baptists and drugs.

In other Report weblogs:

Colby Cosh writes about curling. (You know, that Canadian sport designed to produce vigorous head scratching by Americans. So, is that low-contact hockey or...what exactly?)

KMG launches into Michael Novak over his Just War arguments and Vatican II. (Here's what I had to say about Just War not too long after September 11.) Best line: "Yes, and if Michael Novak had some ham, he could have a ham and cheese sandwich, if he had some cheese."

Kevin Steel is proving to be the most inovative of the lot of us with his design changes, his occasional blogging on a typewriter and his use of the site to showcase his music. ("Miss you most of all" has touches of Dylan.)

Dave Stevens has taxicab issues.

Rick Hiebert has all kinds of fun stuff.

And, finally, Kathy Shaidle has one of the best corrections I've ever read: "One of my sub-set of Loyal Readers ( of the 'I hate you but I read you every day' variety) writes to upbraid me for calling Bishop Gumbleton a 'useful idiot.' Loyal Reader has a point. I was, in fact, wrong, and I'm sorry. I meant 'useless idiot.'"

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