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wMonday, February 03, 2003

MARTINOVICH WEPT: I seem to have unsettled my friend Steve Martinovich while linking to his (to my mind) profound pictoral commentary on the shuttle crash. That was certainly not the intent. Today, he explains:

"Odd, I suppose, for an athiest to invoke the name of Christ...I don't do it often. I suppose when I do I'm attempting to use a common language to convey depth of meaning, not surprising given that Christianity is the dominant religion in North America. I told Jeremy this morning that what else could have I written? If Christ couldn't weep at the sight of the helmet...

"So am I a closet Christian? A lot of people say that there are no such things as athiests in foxholes during war, something I've never bought but then again I've never had to serve my nation in war. Who knows...ten years ago I was a committed member of the Liberal Party." [more]

posted by Jeremy at 7:54 PM