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wSunday, February 02, 2003

MOONEY'S...WHAT WAS THAT, AGAIN?: Chris Mooney sends out e-mail updates to friends and colleagues. In his latest dispatch, telling us about two new articles (the blogging one is quite good, by the way), he highlighted his recent freelancing successes by saying "Clearly, the Mooney gospel is spreading."

Normally, I'd let this slide but a) Chris is not only an atheist but a self-proclaimed skeptic who Speaks For Science and b) this isn't his first offense. In response to an article in response to an atheist-bashing article by Jim Holt, Chris retracted his claws in deference to the, ah, holiday season (actually, he used the word CHRISTMAS). I'm thinking his skeptic friends should hold an intervention. He's definitely slipping.

posted by Jeremy at 11:50 PM