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wTuesday, February 25, 2003

MORE QUICK SHORT TAKES: I'll be back to my old self on Thursday. Meantime, here are some crumbs:

Chris Mooney admits that he was duped by the, uh, scholarship of Michael Bellesiles. Better late than never and, no, I don't intend that as an insult.

Steve Martinovich has Avril issues.

Best hed of the day: It's a toss up between Tim Cavanaugh's "Saddam, You Ignorant Slut" and Rick Hiebert's "Sting, call your office."

News of the death of Amy Welborn's blog has been greatly exaggerated. (YEAH!)

John Ellis says, hey, it was nice knowing y'all, but let's not get weepy or anything. (He'll be too busy crying all the way to the bank.)

Kevin Steel is not proud to be a Canadian and he's tired of people telling him that he is.

And, finally, my silly letter of the day comes from Jesse Walker, in response to the headline of the last post:

Regarding your most recent entry:

If I had a blogroll, I would blogroll in the morning.

Indeed, I would blogroll in the evening. All over this land.

I'd blogroll out danger. I might even blogroll out a warning.

And I'd blogroll out love between my brothers and my sisters --
alllllll over this land.

Whoops: I already have a blogroll. Never mind.

(To the tune of?)

posted by Jeremy at 10:36 PM