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wThursday, February 06, 2003

NOT THE LAST WORD: In the recent ruckus with Radley, he said something rather interesting as an aside:

"I certainly don't look with disdain or contempt at anyone who takes his faith seriously (though, taking a lesson from Rand, I do think religion is partly resonsible for society's obsession with humanitarianism -- which causes far more harm than good, and, correspondingly, its contempt for selfishness -- which, IMHO, is the secret to human prosperity)."

Hmmm. It brings to mind an article from last year, in London's Spectator. Michael Harrington argued that Ayn Rand's toebreaker Atlas Shrugged was "a long, inverted and malevolent parody of the New Testament," and that John Galt was an "anti-messiah":

"Jesus in the Gospels used divine power to heal the sick. Galt withholds scientific knowledge knowing that the sick will die. Jesus sent his disciples into the world to heal and preach and save. Galt calls his disciples in from the world in order to bring it down in ruin. There is a kind of Day of Judgment in Atlas Shrugged in which Galt addresses the American people, having taken temporary control of the radio stations. He says, in effect, ‘You are in a terrible mess; it is all your own fault, and it is no use thinking that I am going to lift a finger to help you.’" [more]

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