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wMonday, February 03, 2003

SAVE RADLEY: Well, no sooner had I finished laying into Radley Balko than I learned that he's being kicked out of his place. As he writes on his weblog, "That would be my new apartment. That would be the apartment that I just moved into three f---ing days ago, the apartment into which I just yesterday unpacked the last load of my stuff." He asks, "Is there a God of rental properties? And have I done something to anger Him?" and concludes "I give up." (Given my previous comment, I will refrain from any theological reply.) The first version of the post even contemplated taking up heroin.

People, if you have a room to spare and you live in Virginia near D.C., please help the guy out. He can be reached at radley-at-radleybalko.com.

posted by Jeremy at 11:54 PM