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wFriday, February 07, 2003

TA DA!: Here it is, ladies and gents: the op ed piece that took four drafts to get right. Here's a nugget from an earlier edition:

"WorldNetDaily commentary editor Tom Ambrose responded by accusing De Coster of 'fabricat[ing] her facts with practiced skill.' WND publishes and links to opinions that run the gamut, he said. Further, Ambrose stated, 'WorldNetDaily is not a conservative newssite.' 'What De Coster fails to realize while engaging in her malicious fit of terminal self-righteousness is that WND doesn't tell our writers what their viewpoint[s] should be.'

"I have several quibbles with Ambrose's assessment, beginning with his evaluation of De Coster's writing skills. The woman so often engages in Reductio Ad Hitlerum, that it's difficult for one to take her seriously. She recently referred to anti-SUV protestors as 'Fuhrers' and called Arianna Huffington a 'Hitlerian Blowhard.'"

Aw, go read it.

posted by Jeremy at 12:29 AM