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wSunday, February 09, 2003

THEY MAKE FUNNY JOKE: Last night the Lott boys did a bit of tag team movie watching. First, the kid and yours truly set down to watch Big Trouble, but were so taken with the trailer for The Wrong Guy that we ejected Trouble and watched the other movie instead. (I happened to have both tapes thanks to a recent movie buying binge.)

Wrong Guy is a film written by and starring Dave Foley (of News Radio fame for Americans, and Kids in the Hall for Canadians) about a space case business exec who first threatens to kill his boss/future father-in-law and then discovers him dead. On the run, Foley bounces from point to point until he finally lands in a "proposed town" that never really developed after the Great Depression hit. His narcoleptic love interest (played by Jennifer Tilly) is the daughter of a local banker who is trying to save what passes for the town from being repossessed and plowed under for cropland by the evil Farmer Brown. Meanwhile, Foley just happens to accidentally dog the trail of the real killer, who mistakes him for some sort of a super spy. The Mexican standoff at the end of the movie is priceless.

Best line: Foley is picked up as a hitchhiker by a paranoiac who puts forward the "no bullets theory" of the Kennedy assassination: "His head just did that."

Then Andrew (or "Drew," as he prefers) decided to sit in with me to watch Big Trouble, a fun movie with an expensive cast (Tim Allen, Jason Lee, Rene Russo, Stanley Tucci, Janeane Garofalo, Patrick Warburton--one gets the idea) that was delayed by September 11 and never managed to recover its momentum. I broke my five year rule on this one and am glad that I did. I enjoyed, but did not love, the original Dave Barry novel, but the story was a better fit for the big screen.

Go rent these movies, or, better yet, buy them.

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