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wWednesday, February 19, 2003

TUNA ANYONE?: This must be a bad week to be an acerbic right winger, on both sides of the 49th parallel. First I learn that Christopher Caldwell's expertise didn't ammount to, ahem, a hill of beans to the new New York Press management (though they let the retrograde Michelangelo Signorile stick around; go figure), then I find out (via Colby Cosh and Rick Hiebert) that Ric Dolphin has been sacked by the Calgary Herald, for insensitivity and other crimes against humanity.

Dolphin's supporters shouldn't temporize. Yes, he could have phrased some of his criticism differently. So bloody what? I don't care and neither should anyone--and I mean anyone--who believes in free speech in Canada. Whatever the justification given, Ric's sacking is a clear example of the ungodly union of political correctness married to the threat of quasi-judicial action. If the press won't stick up for free speech, then it's time for the people to remind them who pays the bills. The Herald should pay a steep price, both in terms of lost advertisement and a massive reader boycott that will only be lifted when Ric is re-hired--without having to issue some sort of face-saving apology.

posted by Jeremy at 6:23 PM