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wFriday, April 11, 2003

E-MAIL WOE: When I bought the deviantreadings domain name through Yahoo, the account came with a high grade web-based e-mail program called Mailsender. This I have used exclusively for the last year or so, being mostly satisfied with the results. No, it isn't perfect but it's not a virus magnet like many PC based e-mail programs. Plus: Unlike other web-based e-mail, it has almost unlimited storage capacity. I've come to rely upon it to be there at any time from any Internet outlet (most libraries, for instance, block out popular e-mail programs, but leave Mailsender unscathed). I conduct my business and personal correspondence with Mailsender and use it to send things between computers. It also functions as a tool to bring some order to my fairly chaotic life.

So the last three days have been hell. The e-mail hasn't been down all the time but it's been so sporadic as to be worse than useless. I start to compose an e-mail and then can't send it. I spend an hour-and-a-half trying to get in to the account, only to be kicked back out once I gain entry. The week has been rich in frustration and poor in productivity. I called the Yahoo tech support people and told Michael or Guy or whateverthehellhisnamewas that the only reason I still maintain the domain is for the e-mail. He apologized, blamed "server problems," and promised that they would be fixed in short order. I certainly hope so.

posted by Jeremy at 4:45 PM